EPI ® devices

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  • Basic EPI® model
  • Galvanic current for the treatment of soft tissues.


EPI – XM Omega®
  • Intermediate EPI® model
  • Galvanic current for the treatment of soft tissues.
  • Simultaneous high voltage micro-current.
  • Pre-established treatment programmes.


  • Advanced Physio/Med EPI® model. Maximum versatility.
  • Latest generation of direct current with interphase control for the treatment of soft tissues.
  • Simultaneous micro-voltage for optimized EPI®.
  • Intelligent aspiration module with closed vacuum sealing system.
  • Improved needle size and caliber versatility.
  • Pre-established treatment programmes.
  • Shorter duration of treatment.


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Intratissue Percutaneous Electrolysis

is an innovative technique consisting of the ultrasound-guided application of a specifically designed and controlled continuous current that causes an electrochemical reaction only in the degenerated area of the treated tissue. EPI treatment with EPI devices is used to treat muscular lesions on sports medicine and rehabilitation.

EPI devices

EPI Devices have been specifically designed to optimize electrical stimulus. Our EPI devices integrate a xip specifically programmed to administer specífic signals computing optimus time and impulse to remove the degenerated tissue. That is why the sistem is considered little invasive. The

Intratissue Percutaneous Electrolisis

method is used to treat Tendinopathy, recovering normal state of tendons in the shoter time possible. In ocasions, if the Tendinopathy is not in an advanded state, pacient can keep practicing some sort of sports while being treated. Tendinopaty techniques and EPI devices must be studied and used by a profesional specialist and their indications to be followed. Specialized doctors are the best to inform you about different kinds of techniques to treat tendinopaty given the state of their patient injury. Inform yourself about EPI treatment and devices in this website. Other info related: Tendinopathy , Tendinopathy , Muscular lesions , Intratissue Percutaneous Electrolisis Tendinopathy , EPI devices , Muscular lesions , Intratissue Percutaneous ElectrolisisDoctor Jose Manuel Sanchez specialist in Physical Therapy Sports Rehabilitation and Recovery is the creator of the technique

Intratissue Percutaneous Electrolysis

, better known as EPI. He is also the founder and president of EPI Advanced Medicine. Among his honors can be found: Member of the MPA of Harvard University, Member of the Spanish Association of Physiotherapy, Member of Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine, as well as prestigious awards. The doctor has treated the most prestigious sports treatments throughout his career both curative and preventive and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

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